Insights On Indispensable Details Of Bridal Registry

But once the movie veers into its predictable third act, its as hard to swallow as the chicken at the wedding buffet. Its certainly not what youd expect from the Duplass brothers, the fathers of the mumblecore movement. In a nutshell: Eloise (Anna Kendrick, charming, per usual) is the ex-maid of honor and ex-girlfriend of the best man (Wyatt Russell). Bad blood still brews but thats no reason to miss the wedding of her childhood BFF, even if it means shes exiled to the dreaded Table 19, the no-mans land reserved for those with tangential connections to the bride and groom. Also seated there are bickering spouses (Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson), the brides former nanny (June Squibb, a riot, per usual), a teenage mamas boy (Tony Revolori, the lobby boy from Grand Budapest Hotel) and a white-collar ex-con with big googly eyes (Stephen Merchant, who, along with Ricky Gervais, created The Office and Extras.) Humor ensues. Personal conflict arises. Unlikely bonds form. Redemption results. You know the drill. There are worse casts to walk down the aisle with, and this one mines every bit of humor from a cliched script that rigidly builds toward a grand third-act gesture. A running gag involving Kudrows characters attire goes the distance.

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