Ideas On Establishing Key Aspects In Wedding Gifts

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Advice: I was just invited via Facebook to a wedding. Its in four days.

(Tattooed wedding rings, however, seem like a splendid idea! So many advantages: They are permanent and personal, invulnerable to theft and loss. The couple’s money goes to a local artist, and ink as far as I know is less likely to be problematically sourced than gold or diamonds. Best of all, you can’t pass a tattoo down to the younger generation, thereby avoiding so many potentially painful and awkward situations of the kind that lead people to write to advice columnists. Still, they might not be the best choice for terribly impulsive couples.) It doesn’t really change anything for you either way, though, does it? Rearranging your weekend isn’t less of a hassle if I say that FB “pop-up weddings” are the New Thing, and you’d still go even if I said your cousin was a barbarian. The day's top stories delivered every morning. Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here One used to assume, encountering some unfamiliar custom, that the other person didn’t know the rules of the social game.

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